Couples & Relationship Counselling

Relationship issues may result from individual issues, or from the dynamics of the relationship in itself. Click here for more information on issues familiar to counselling. Engaging in counselling together helps focus on the relationship, generally in terms of improving the quality of communication between you. Developing more effective self expression and listening help in understanding each other better, and therefore clarify relationship issues.

In joint counselling, the focus is more on the relationship than on each individual person. The person-centred counselling offered does in part by acknowledging where communications can be improved. This means there is some exploration of individual communication skills. These aspects of relationship are all explored in a confidential space between yourselves and the counsellor, making it safer to discuss what are often taboo subjects, such as commitment, sexual issues, fertility, illness and even death. Where individual issues surface, then you have the choice to move to more individual counselling. You are in control of what you explore together, or individually.

Person-centred counselling has been found to be effective for joint counselling. Click here for more information on the person-centred approach I use. For information on other forms of counselling click here. As a person-centred counsellor, I abide by professional ethical codes which you can read by clicking here. These also cover aspects of confidentiality, and my use of personal supervision. Click here for further explanation of the confidentiality I maintain, or here to contact me and discuss any concerns.