Individual Counselling

Personal issues are sometimes difficult to face in everyday life. Counselling offers a separate space to explore them without fear of judgement or other unwanted responses by anyone else such as friends, family or partners. Many sorts of issues can be explored, often involving intrusive levels of feeling and emotions and even unwanted behaviours. Click here for a more extensive list of the types of issues brought to counselling.

In individual counselling, the work is kept confidential between yourself and the counsellor. Whilst there are professional requirements to ensure good service, you will not be identified to anyone else without your explicit permission except in extreme situations where I am legally required to do so. Click here for further information. Click here for details about the professional ethical codes I work to, which also describes my use of supervision.

Based on my training, further studies and research, my deeply held belief is to work with you so that you can gain a better understanding of whatever it is that brings you to counselling. My role is not to offer advice or provide solutions, although I may sometimes share my own perspectives on things. I believe that by helping you to gain a greater understanding for yourself, you will find the way forward that works best for you. Click here for further information about the person-centred approach to counselling that I offer. For information on other types of counselling click here.