Training & Events

After qualifying as a person-centred counsellor, I quickly began to follow my interest in exploring what the person-centred approach was outside of the therapy room. Attending encounter group events allowed me to connect with organisations in the approach, and join in the conference circuit. I furthered my skills in offering workshops, and steadily developed to more of a themed encounter approach. This meant opening each session with a general introduction, but quickly allowing an open, group discussion to form. By doing this I believe workshops become a melting pot of experience sharing.

Using this model I have delivered a diverse range of workshops with varied themes including professional ethics, group facilitation, spirituality, eros in therapy, quantum physics and personal being, and revisiting person-centred theory.

Alongside this, I have continued to attend, and organise, encounter style events. Largely these are theme-free meetings where a deeper style of personal relating can come through. The only agenda for me is to consider what it is I might bring to the mix, and what I might take back into the rest of my life. I have not experienced a greater catalyst to personal development.

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