Welcome. Information on all the services offered can be accessed from the menu above. As a qualified and experienced professional, counselling is the mainstay of my work. My professional registration is with the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) through my chosen body, the National Counselling Society (NCS).

There are many reasons for considering counselling, either individually or together.  Possible reasons include  anxiety, depression, loss, trauma, abuse and relationship problems. Click here for a more extensive list and further information. For information specific to individual counselling click here, and for couples counselling and other relationship issues click here.

I offer counselling in a safe, welcoming environment which I believe promotes an ability to deal with whatever issues are present. My approach to counselling means you maintain control while we explore why you came to me, and then find the way forward that is right for you.

Qualified to Masters level in person-centred counselling, I have studied and draw from a range of other approaches including CBT. Click here for more information on counselling in general.

Having worked both in private practice and in a hospice for over ten years, I have extensive experience with a wide range of issues, both in short and long term therapy.  Click here for more information about how I work, or here to contact me directly to answer any questions.

Can Counselling Help Me?

Counselling can be of use in many different ways. Issues often addressed are feelings and emotions such as:

  • anxiety;
  • low moods and depression;
  • phobias;
  • anger;
  • bereavement, grief;
  • loss and change;
  • relationship difficulties;
  • sexual issues;
  • confidence and self-esteem;
  • health concerns;
  • faith and spirituality;
  • obsessive behaviours;
  • addictions;
  • self harm;
  • eating disorders;
  • trauma;
  • abuse.

Often, these may involve unwanted behaviours in response to ongoing life events.

A more extensive perspective on the issues often addressed in counselling can be found by clicking here.

My personal belief in the person-centred approach means I do not hold any expert position. The above labels and descriptions of issues are maybe useful in gaining understanding of your personal circumstances, but I do not relate to them as any sort of expert diagnosis. Click here for further explanation of my person-centred beliefs.

If you would like further information on how we might work together, contact me using the details below or click here to send me a message.

What is Counselling?

Whilst there are many different types of counselling, the common element is the sharing of a safe, secure space between the client and the counsellor. This means that deeply personal issues can be talked through and explored, enabling the client to consider and decide on however they may choose to move forward in life. Confidentiality is a primary value, meaning that the client does not need to worry that what is talked about will be related to others in their life. There are basically no taboo subjects. Click here for further details on confidentiality, or here to view the professional ethical codes I subscribe to, including my use of supervision.

Click here for where I describe my own type of counselling in detail, know as the person-centred approach.

An extensive list of different types of therapy can be found by clicking here. For further information, click here to contact me.


Scroll down for my full contact details below, or use this form to send me a message. I will not share your personal information with anyone unless professionally or legally required to do so.